Breakfast Menu

All foods are sourced locally

Vegetarian options are always available and other dietary requirements can be catered for

  Cooked Breakfast  

Cereals, Fruit & Juices

A variety of cereal, Mixed fruit salad & Juices


Traditional porridge


Natural flavoured yoghurt:
Various flavours


Local Honey

Served with whole grain bread.


Tea or Coffee

Speciality Teas: Coffee:
Earl Grey Fresh filtered

Herbal and fruit teas.

  Choose any of the following  
  Rashers of thick cut best bacon,    pork sausages, fried egg, scrambled egg, grilled tomato, mushrooms, fried bread, potato cakes, baked beans.  
  Continental breakfast  
  Croissants with various jams.  

On Toast
Baked beans, cheese, scrambled egg, fried egg, or poached eggs.



  Ham, mushrooms or cheese.  

Boiled egg

  Served with toast fingers.  
  Kippers or Smoked Haddock.